Featuring Long Distance Treks

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Teen Bike trip across America

When trekkers and leaders walk away from one of Teen Treks’ long distance treks, they are amazed by a sense of personal accomplishment and for years after they see how overcoming such a great endeavor gives them confidence and empowerment in other areas of their life.

On Tuesday, April 13, Teen Treks is hosting a virtual event, Trip Features: Long Distance Treks, where we will spotlight our two longest bike journeys, the Across America Trek and it’s abbreviated version, the 1,000 Mile Trek. Participants can join the Zoom event at 8PM EST.

Guest speaker and Teen Treks’ team member, Tyler Madell has embarked on these journeys as a trekker and through his personal bike trips. He will discuss what it felt like to be a teenager biking coast to coast, and how this once in a lifetime journey has impacted his life ever since.

Teen Treks’ Across America journey is a 3,800 mile trek from Portland, Oregon to New York City, it takes 56 days to completion. The 1,000 Mile Trek is meant for strong bikers who may not have the time commitment of an across U.S. trip but still want a challenge. The 25-day trip starts in Chicago, traveling through the Midwest to the Northeast, ending in Manhattan.

There is still time to register for these epic adventures for Summer 2021. Right now, trekkers can take advantage of a $500 discount on Across America and 1,000 Mile Treks! It will change teen’s life for the better, we see it happen all the time!

Trip Feature: Cape Cod & New England Shore

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cape cod teen bike trip sunset

Teen Treks’ New England bike adventures combine biking through Atlantic shorelines, visiting charming coastal towns and exploring the best islands on the east coast! Our Cape Cod and New England Shore treks offer flat, easy biking, amazing scenery and many beach-side adventures along the way, making for a perfect New England summer experience!

On Tuesday, March 30 at 8PM, you can join our Zoom event, Trip Features: Cape Cod and New England Shore Treks for a closer look at these two incredible treks. Guest speakers include past trekkers and leaders who have joined these bike adventures, who will share stories, highlights and insights from their trip.

Right now, our New England Treks are $500 OFF, including the New England Shore Trek and its shorter version, the Cape Cod Trek! This offer won’t last long, so join us for an informative and inspiring event spotlighting these east coast bike adventures, and you just might find yourself biking through scenic islands like Block Island, Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard this summer!

Our Trip Feature’s program is a part of Teen Treks’ Bike Touring Education Series. For upcoming trip features and other virtual events, visit Teen Treks Edu-Series page.

March 30, 2021, 8PM-8:30 PM EST
Trip Feature: Cape Cod & New England Shore 
Join Cape Cod/NE Shore Zoom Event: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84254866988?pwd=RjhEN2RyU1h6NlJFOTNiNWRUNlR2Zz09

Stay Tuned for ‘Trip Features’

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In a new segment of Teen Trek’s Bike Touring Education Series, the virtual program will be spotlighting some of the best bike adventures Teen Treks offers in our “Trip Featuresmini-series. Each live event will highlight a specific bike trip with stories and insights from former leaders and trekkers, along with an audience Q&A about the featured trip.

Right now, Teen Treks is offering $500 OFF of all bike trips, an offer that will expire soon! For those undecided on a Summer 2021 trip selection, our Trip Features event is a great place to get a behind-the-scenes look at a diversity of easy, moderate and challenging bicycle adventures!

Teen Treks’ Featured Trip Series Upcoming Schedule:

  • Tuesday, March 16, 2021
    Trip Feature: Maine Coast 
    Beautiful harbors, small towns and winding back roads, this coastal bicycle adventure starts in Boston, travels up New Hampshire coast and through the beautiful Maine beaches, with an unforgettable stop at Acadia National Park. Meet former trekkers and leaders who participated in this trip for stories, highlights and insights of the Maine Coast Trek!

Join Maine Coast Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83165459272?pwd=d1p6b29xeldseTlweVdNNXdnNFhxZz09

  • Tuesday, March 30, 2021
    Trip Feature: Cape Cod & New England Shore 
    These New England bike adventures follow the Atlantic coastline to iconic east coast islands. Cape Cod begins and ends in Boston and by way of ferry and bike, travels through Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Plymouth Rock. New England Shore trek starts in NYC and ends in Boston, tracing the Long Island Sound and Atlantic coast to Mystic Seaport, Newport, Block Island and Cape Cod. Meet trekkers and leaders who have participated in these New England bike trips for stories, highlights and insights. 

Join Cape Cod & NE Shore Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84254866988?pwd=RjhEN2RyU1h6NlJFOTNiNWRUNlR2Zz09

  • Tuesday, April 13, 2021
    Trip Feature: Long Distance Treks- 1,000 Mile and Across America
    For those looking to feel a strong sense of accomplishment while getting to experience a large part of America by bicycle, the long distance treks are the best way to spend your summer. Meet trekkers and leaders who have embarked on these long-distance adventures in past years, as they share stories, highlights and insights.

Join Long Distance Treks Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88109284734?pwd=VXFZOENobU9jcmcyejlXQlJwb1R6UT09

  • Tuesday, April 27, 2021
    Trip Feature: California Coast 
    Highway 1 is likely the most scenic highway in America. From San Fransisco to Los Angeles, trekkers travel in sunny California with the breathtaking Pacific Coast to their side. Beachy days and nights spent in iconic California cities makes this trip a bucket-list experience. Meet former trekkers and leaders who participated in this trip for stories, highlights and insights of California Coast Trek!

Join California Coast Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81195402672?pwd=MEpKeDluVkhjNHNEbXFFNE9oWmpodz09

Trekker Takeaways

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European bike tour group

Teen Treks’ bike trips are designed for the trekkers to have an absolutely incredible and memorable bike adventure. We put a lot of care into finding fun, dynamic leaders and designing bike routes that allow teens to explore scenic and iconic places while fostering a group spirit of curiosity and adventure.

For that, we thought it would be important to hear an up-close telling of Teen Treks’ bike trips straight from one of our former trekkers. On Tuesday, March 2nd at 8pm EST we will have a live Zoom event called “Trekker Takeaways” where in a Q&A format encompassing participant questions, we will view our bike adventures from a trekker’s eyes!

The event will be a part of the virtual series we are hosting to keep an active and connected bicycle touring community, called Teen Treks Bike Touring Education Series. You can find past virtual events on the Edu-Series web-page.

In “Trekker Takeaways” we will dig into frequently asked questions, like biking accomplishments and challenges, group dynamics, skills and experiences gained, travel discoveries and all the unexpected surprises in-between that are best told from the perspective of a former trekker.

If you or your aspiring trekker are considering a bike trip with Teen Treks this summer, this is a great way for your teen to get insight into our bike adventures through the lens of a peer. Bring your questions and join the conversation!

Join on Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84910703016?pwd=enhhVlIrcGNtaDBqVGx5R09WdGxhQT09

What’s it like to lead for Teen Treks?

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Teen Treks Trip Leaders exploring Ontario, Canada during our Leadership Training Program.

Have you thought about having a summer job that allows you to travel, spend time on your bike and be around a great group of teenagers? Teen Treks is currently hiring leaders for the 2021 Summer and we want to give you a sneak peak into one of the best summer jobs around!

Ben Ingalls, Teen Treks’ 2019 Maine Coast and NY-Montreal trip leader, will be joining us for a live Zoom event to share his experience as a trip leader and insight into the daily life of a Teen Treks bike touring guide. Join us, Tuesday, February 16 at 8PM EST.

The live event is a part of Teen Treks’ Bike Touring Education Series, meant to bring stories, conversation and connection into the world of bike touring and provide a window into the Teen Treks’ community.

As snow falls around the country, come inside and join us for this live event, where we will dream of warmer summer days together! Bring any questions you may have about being a bike trip leader for Teen Treks!

Join us for event, Daily Life with Teen Treks Bike Trip Leader here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81825769017?pwd=SUJ4dU9iZjBqUnAwVE1PamJxWFVSZz09

Up Close w/ the Bicycle Touring Pro

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Courtesy of the Bicycle Touring Pro

In 2019, Teen Treks’ Maine Coast trek was returning from Acadia National Park when they ran into the Bicycle Touring Pro outside a small grocery store. He caught us taking a left turn into the store and pulled over his adventure-mobile, brought out his camera, and did what the Bicycle Touring Pro does best, recorded a YouTube video about people on bikes.

Teen Treks was the subject that summer day in Maine, but this time, the camera has turned, and TT will be placing the spotlight on the Bike Touring Pro, Darren Alff in an interactive Zoom event this Wednesday, February 3rd.

The live event, starting at 8:00PM EST, is a part of Teen Treks’ Bike Touring Education Series, a virtual info series providing stories, conversation and connection into the world of bike touring.

Darren Alff has about 20-years experience helping people plan, prepare and execute their first-ever bike tours through an informative website and countless videos offering tips, reviews and advice. He’s the founder of www.bicycletouringpro.com and the author of several bike touring related books, including The Bicycle Touring Blueprint. Darren has biked across North America six separate times, and has traveled by bike through more than 70 different countries. He meets new people everywhere he travels and includes them in his extensive YouTube channel.

We’ll be getting up close and personal with Darren in our upcoming Zoom event, where in a Q&A format, we’ll be digging into all of his favorite things about bike touring. Top places he’s traveled, favorite gear for the road, most memorable experiences, favorite side-adventures while touring, we’ll be asking him to share his highlights from the many days he’s spent traveling on two-wheels and curating information for others to travel.

And we welcome you, to bring your questions and join the conversation. Anything you’ve wanted to ask the Bicycle Touring Pro, here is your chance. If you’re looking to learn more about the world of bike touring, and want to ask the Pro himself: best bikes, gear, terrain, road snacks, locations… Darren’s got a lifetime of tips and stories to share, and we’ll have time for participant questions.

So, join us on Zoom this Wednesday from 8PM- 8:30 PM EST.

Meet here: https://us05web.zoom.us/j/87516272092?pwd=ckR2bkFEbTdSd2YzekU2R0MyRXE4Zz09

‘A Day in the Life’

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Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a Teen Treks’ bike tour looks like?

Where do we sleep? How many miles do we bike per day? What other activities besides biking fill our day?

Tomorrow night, 8pm EST, we will answer these questions and many more in a live Zoom event, as a part of our Bike Touring Education Series. 

“A Day in the Life” will cover many frequently asked questions for those new to bike touring, and discuss the daily logistics on a Teen Treks’ bike trip.

Katie Hennessey, Teen Treks’ program coordinator and past leader for many years, will be there to answer your questions!

Join us for the 30-minute live, interactive event to learn more about Teen Treks’ trips. Check out the link below for participation details and please RSVP if you plan to attend!

Tuesday, January 26, 8:00pm-8:30 pm EST: 
Bike Touring “Day in the Life” w/ Katie Hennessey
Katie talks about the daily logistics of a Teen Treks bike tour: miles biked per day, food and cooking logistics, and sleeping accommodations.

Join Zoom Meeting: https://us05web.zoom.us/j/83515003844?pwd=THI5bU1wb0dEYmNWQjJHT1RmTGMrdz09
Meeting ID: 835 1500 3844
Passcode: kV7Vb1

Leader Feature w/ Lauren Jenney

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Q&A with 2019 trip leader, Lauren Jenney. Lauren is a high school Spanish teacher, currently living in Cincinatti, Ohio.

Which bike trips have you led for Teen Treks?

I led the Amsterdam to Paris trek the summer of 2019.

What are your take-aways from that experience?

I loved everything about it! We had a really awesome group of trekkers and we had a lot of fun together. It was also my first time in Europe and I loved getting to see so much of it.


New Year, New Virtual Event!

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Bikes, gear, packing…. All you need to know about bike touring in Teen Treks’ upcoming Bike Touring Education Series!

As the new year is upon us, we’re excited for new and returning Teen Trekkers to experience the adventure of traveling to incredible destinations on two wheels! But before loading up panniers and exploring the open road this summer, we want to offer some helpful information about bike touring.

To kick off the year, Teen Treks is hosting a virtual Bike Touring Education Series to answer questions about bike tour gear, logistics and what makes this travel experience so wonderful.