This is just a few examples of what parents and teen trekkers are saying about Teen Treks. We would be happy to provide you with the names and phone numbers of parents and teens trekkers who previously went on the trip you are considering.

What Teen Trekkers have to say:

Changed my life! It was a great adventure.”

 Alexander Siregar, Across America Trek


“A great alternative to summer camp!

 Abie Rohrig, New York City – Montreal Trek


“I wasn’t expecting to be doing so many activities and having the freedom to make our own decisions. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a great way to spend two weeks during the summer. I had a lot of fun and I would recommend it to anybody who likes to bike and go places.”

 Jonah Einson, New York City – Montreal Trek


“Leaders David and Monique were absolutely amazing!  I felt safe, comfortable, and happy under their care.”

– Anna Goldelman, Pacific Northwest Trek


“It was an amazing trip and I wish it could have lasted longer; thank you so much for a great summer!”

 Kaiolani Siregar, European Phantom Trek



“A Teen Treks trip gives you a sense of independence, as opposed to a summer camp where everything is handed to you.  I made new friends and saw new places, all on the power of myself and my bike.”

 Sarah Panzer, Lake Ontario Trek


“A unique way to learn to live away from home, cook, live on a budget, repair mechanical things, interact with new people, see the country… the ultimate college prep.”

Rebecca George, Across America Trek


What Parents of Teen Trekkers have to say:

“Andrew is more confident about his cycling and plans to continue on more Teen Treks adventures. I don’t exaggerate when I say he mentions it in some way every day!  Yesterday he rode his bike to the store and got groceries for me and put them in his panniers to bring home!  So awesome!”

 Christa Soltis, Parent


“I was very impressed that the trip mixed educational activities with lots of fun.”

 Elaine Perlman, Parent


“My daughter Sophie loved the trip in every way! She loved all the participants and said the leaders were excellent. She enjoyed all the adventures along the way, all the different towns, and even enjoyed the biking (in hindsight)! As a parent I feel thankful to you for providing an opportunity for her to have a great adventure while being safe and secure the whole while. Thanks so much!”

– Pam Jeffrey, Parent


“It was a really excellent experience for my daughter.  The kids learned to get along with each other and appreciate what each person had to offer.  They had to be resilient and use whatever resources were available to them in each location, and they got to see fantastic natural beauty.”

– Margo Borten, Parent


“Egan loved the trip, I know her group is already talking about next summer. She came home a bit down because she had to leave her new friends. If she had time this summer, she would have squeezed another trip in…”

 Nan Sachs, Parent


“I want to thank you for a great two weeks. Given Noah’s frame of mind when he got home, I would say it was a really successful trip. I also appreciate VERY much the blog, as well as how timely your responses were to my questions. I have strongly recommended your program to my friends with kids Noah’s age.”

 Esther Howard, Parent


“It is a wonderful growth experience and we are very pleased overall with Teen Treks, so much so that a friend from work is planning to send his son and a friend next year based on my ravings about the programs.”

 Anne Marie Heim, Parent


“As a parent, I thought you did a wonderful job with organization and safety. I also thought that the amount of independence / responsibility offered to the participants was very much proportional to their abilities. It was a great experience for our daughter and we would highly recommend your program to any future participants.”

 Ryna Lustig, Parent


“Thanks again for such a wonderful experience for James, I can tell it meant a lot to him. I’m happily recommending you guys to anyone who’ll listen.”

Jim Pharo, Parent