Hey everyone! I'm Tyler, and I'm excited to once again be leading with Teen Treks this summer!  I can't wait to be out on the road leading another Teen Trek!  I've traveled by bus with a backpack through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Israel/Palestine but by far my favorite way to travel is by bicycle ... sometimes its best to travel 10 miles an hour and take in the fragrance of spring wild flowers or maybe the wonderfully potent smells of a Vermont dairy.  I've traveled many miles by bicycle with Teen Treks as a trekker (my favorite trip was the Across America Trek) and I am returning for my third summer as a Teen Treks leader.  Although I spend as much time as possible on my bike, I also enjoy playing music (I've recently taken up learning accordion), hiking, camping, eating ice cream, and dreaming about the next outdoor adventure.  I can't wait to meet all of the 2015 leaders and trekkers!