California Coast Trek

California Coast teens on the beach

California’s bright, sunny days and cooling ocean breezes make biking its coastline a summer in paradise. You’ll start this trip in bike-friendly San Francisco, seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and historic Fisherman’s Wharf, then head south, staying in lighthouse hostels, and travel on to Big Sur for great hiking and camping. Get plenty of swimming and sun on the beaches through Santa Barbara and Santa Monica, and finish your adventure with three days sightseeing in Los Angeles.

Much of our California Coast route follows the Pacific Coast Highway, the winding, scenic road high above the ocean you’ve seen in movies and on TV. Bike this trip and you’ll see that California was made for biking!

This trip is best suited for experienced bikers comfortable on roads with some traffic.

Trek Highlights
  • See the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco
  • Spend 3 days in Los Angeles
  • Visit Hollywood
  • Stay in two lighthouse hostels
  • Enjoy beach after beautiful beach
Trek Details


San Francisco, CA


Los Angeles, CA


MODERATE (Approximate Daily Mileage 30 - 50)

Trip Length:

18 days

Trip Cost:



June 28 - July 15 / Grades 10 - 12+

July 12 - July 29 / Grades 10 - 12+